100% Original Factory Mountain Electric Bicycle (TDE-035B) for Slovenia Factory

100% Original Factory
 Mountain Electric Bicycle (TDE-035B) for Slovenia Factory

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100% Original Factory Mountain Electric Bicycle (TDE-035B) for Slovenia Factory Detail:


Electronic specification
Motor 250W High speed brushless DC motor
Battery 36V,8AH Li-ion battery
Charge AC 110V-240V  50/60HZ
Performance & Main components
Max.speed 25km/h (EU) or  32km/h(USA&Canada)
Max load 100KGS
Tyres KENDA 26 “×1.95
Front fork hydraulic suspension
Brake Fornt disk brake / Rear V-brake
Derailleur SHIMANO,6-speed
N.W/G.W 24/28.5 KGS (with 36V,10AH Li-ion battery)


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100% Original Factory
 Mountain Electric Bicycle (TDE-035B) for Slovenia Factory detail pictures

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    Volledig watergekoelde Elektrische Aandrijving
    E-TECH Fully water cooled Electric Drives
    Our fully water-cooled E-TECH electric drives are specially designed for use on boats and in yacht building industry and are thus optimally prepared for the needed requirements and goals. The drive consists of a water-cooled and brushless (so-called BLDC) electric engine, as well as a water-cooled electronic engine controler, a stainless steel heat exchanger, a water pump, expansion tank, a 48V/12V DC / DC converter gauges, and all small parts, including water hoses and electrical cables. All parts are clearly numbered, which makes the installation simple and straightforward.Under load the engine runs approx.1200 rpm. The result is that no gearbox, which may lead to power losses in the drive line, is required,. Moreover, the permanent water cooling makes full use, even continuously , of the enginepower possible. The maximum output is 6 kW with a torque of 44 Nm. Thus, a thrust of 100 kg is reached. All other currently on the market available drive systems are equipped with standard factory engines. These provide at 1 volt 50 to 70 rpm and thus at a voltage of 48 V between approx..2500 and 3000 rpmThese speeds should be brought down by the use of a gearbox to around 1200 rpm, but powerloss of 15% or more can occur. Since most engines in this output range are air-cooled, further problems occur, especially on boats, where excessive heat production in enclosed spaces, such as the engine box, will lead to further power losses. Generally a lower voltage of 24 V or 36 V, would automatically lead to higher electric flows and a rapid consumption of the battery capacity. In our system higher voltages are used, resulting in a much slower discharge of the battery.As an example, we can compare a 24 V / 5 kW motor to our 48 V / 5 kW motor. To deliver 2.5 KW power a 24V motor uses 110 A and a 48V motor motor 50 A. Because the capacity of a battery of 230 Ah at 100 A nominal consumption in practice is only about 80%, so 180Ah, this results to good 1 hour sailing. In our case, with the same battery, but the much slower discharge, yields an increase in capacity to about 250 Ah , which is about 4 hours, or four (!) times the sailing time. An important factor in the boating sector is the heat production of the engine controller, which works with highly sensitive transistors, which are very strongly heated in the circuit and 150A and radiate a lot of heat . Compared with this, the transistors of our motor controller are fully water-cooled, and can therefore be used for long periods under full load. In the extreme case of unexpected cooling system failure our E-TECH drive system is, for safety reasons, equipped with Thermo-Sensors, which will quickly bring back the system to a safe level. This is unique and incomparable to any system currently on the market whatsoever.The capacity of 6 kW and a torque of 42 Nm at 1200 rpm, corresponds to an approx. 15 to 20 horsepower diesel engine. It remains to note that most diesel engines on the market have a 40% efficiency. However, our engines have an efficiency of more than 90%. Our electric drive systems can also be used to charge the battery (s). Whith sailboats under sail, the electric motor acts than as an alternator, which is now driven by the propellor. For sailboats the engine is usually only required in port and while sailing the batteries are charged. This can be used for vessels up to 30 feet. During our tests in Norway we have achieved with a boat of the type POLAR 22 with 250Ah/48V Extender Sun battery capacity, up to 8 hours sailingtime at an average speed of 9 km / h. After the test, the batteries were still 40% charged. But what makes the drive very interesting is that with a consumption of only 5A, we realized a cruising speed of 5-6 km / h. This makes the E-TECH drive particularly interesting for power by Solar energy.The drive is completely maintenance free, because the engine is fitted with 2 large thrust bearings, ( no brushes ! ) which has the advantage that no thrust bearing on the shaft is needed. The set consists of: · BLDC motor 6 kW, 48V, 42 Nm at 1200 rpm, IP67 · Electronic engine controls · Joystick control · Speed and Fuel Gauge · Stainless steel heat exchanger · Water Pump · Water Filter · Motor flange · Main fuse 200A · Main switch· DC / DC converter 48V/12V 200W · Engine mount 4 pcs. · Complete wiring · All hoses · Ignition key The motor and controller are matched before each delivery.

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