High Efficiency Factory Easy Operate Folding Electric Wheelchair for Disabled (PW-004) to Manila Importers

High Efficiency Factory Easy Operate Folding Electric Wheelchair for Disabled (PW-004) to Manila Importers

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High Efficiency Factory Easy Operate Folding Electric Wheelchair for Disabled (PW-004) to Manila Importers Detail:

Motor Brushless motor  300W×2pcs electromagnetic brank
Battery 12V 12AH×2pcs
Controller  Brush controller
Driving range   15km(decided by the weight and road condition)
Max speed  6km/h
Max load 100kgs
Tires (rear) 16 inch;Tires(front):10 inch
Overall width 65cm,seat width:45cm
Seat depth 45cm: Overall height:94cm
Color  silver
Carton size 820*375*745mm


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High Efficiency Factory Easy Operate Folding Electric Wheelchair for Disabled (PW-004) to Manila Importers detail pictures

High Efficiency Factory Easy Operate Folding Electric Wheelchair for Disabled (PW-004) to Manila Importers, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: , , ,

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