Advantages of Electric Cars

The time is coming for the long-awaited, efficient all-electric car. The technology is improving rapidly and, according to some manufacturers, consumers soon will have several models to choose from. Electric cars have several advantages over gasoline-powered cars. Still, if electric automobiles want to win over consumers, they will have to overcome some hurdles down the road.

1: Environmentally Friendly
Several economic and environmental advantages stand out. Electric cars reduce dependence on foreign oil, damage to the environment and air pollution. Without the need for gasoline or diesel, electric-car owners do not suffer from higher gasoline prices. In contrast, electric car owners are spending the equivalent of around 60 cents per gallon to run their vehicles.

2: Efficiency
Electric cars are much more efficient compared to gasoline-powered cars. Electric motors use most of their stored energy to propel the car; a gasoline engine uses between 20 and 30 percent of its heat energy to move the car, while the cooling system and exhaust systems dissipate the rest.

3: Power Source Availability
Electric cars may charge their batteries through home electrical outlets. Depending on battery type, it may take from 10 minutes to four hours on average to charge with a range of between 50 and more than 100 miles.

4: Little Maintenance
With a much simpler engine design compared to internal combustion engines, electric cars require little maintenance and last much longer. As prices go down, they are becoming more accessible to the average consumer. As of January 2009, current electric car models range in price from $11,700 to $109,000.

Post time: May-15-2017
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