Professional High Quality 200W-250W Electric Bicycle (EB-003) for luzern Importers

Professional High Quality
 200W-250W Electric Bicycle (EB-003) for luzern Importers

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Professional High Quality 200W-250W Electric Bicycle (EB-003) for luzern Importers Detail:


Electronic specification
Motor brushless hub motor 250W
Battery 36V12AH sealed lead-acid battery
Dashboard common meter
Controller Brushless controller
Charger AC 110V-240V  50/60HZ
Charging time 6~8 hours
Headlight LED
Performance & Main components
Max.speed 25km/h
Range around 40km(36V12AH)
Max load 100KGS
Tyres 24″x1.75
Product colour customer’s request
Front brake “V”  brake
Front fork Steel with suspension
Rear brake Expanding brake
Brake lever cut-off when braking
PAS with pedal
Throttle Twist intelligent speed control
Unit packaging Each in Color Box
N.W/G.W 36 kgs/40  kgs(  36V12AH)
Qty / Export carton 1   pc /ctn
Export carton dimension 150X26X74CM
1×20′footer FCL quantity 92 pcs
1×40′footer FCL quantity 184pcs
1X40′HQ 202pcs
Optional Parts
Remote Alarm +USD5.5
Motor Lock +USD2.5
 Helmet +USD6.5
Tool Kits +USD2

 The price above are based on FOB Ningbo(Zhejiang Province,China).

 The quotation is valid within 15 days, we reserve the right to modify the prices if needed.

 The prices above are for your reference only, it is subject to our final confirmation.

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Professional High Quality
 200W-250W Electric Bicycle (EB-003) for luzern Importers detail pictures

Professional High Quality 200W-250W Electric Bicycle (EB-003) for luzern Importers, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: , , ,

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