Special Design for Mobility Scooter CT-020 for Casablanca Manufacturer

Special Design for
 Mobility Scooter  CT-020 for Casablanca Manufacturer

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Special Design for Mobility Scooter CT-020 for Casablanca Manufacturer Detail:


Electronic specification
Motor brushless hub motor 500W/700w
Battery 48V20Ah sealed lead-acid battery  All battery with electric protection circuit
Dashboard  common meter
Controller 500W Brushless controller
Charge 110V/60HZ
Charging time  8-10 hours
Lamp common bulb
Performance & Main components
Max.speed 25km/h
Range 70km(distance by riders weight,terrain,road sufurface etc.)
Max load 200KGS
Tyres 16″ * 2.5
Product colour customer’s request
Front brake drum brake
Front fork   Steel with suspension
Rear brake drum brake
Climbing angle <= 20°
Throttle Twist intelligent speed control
Unit packaging Each in a carton Box
N.W/G.W 90kgs/100kgs(48V20AH)
Qty / Export carton 1   pc /ctn
Export carton dimension 250X110X120CM
1×20′footer FCL quantity 20pcs
1×40′footer FCL quantity 48pcs
1X40′HQ 48pcs
Optional Parts
Remote Alarm +USD5.5
 Helmet +USD6.5
Tool Kits +USD2


The price above are based on FOB Ningbo(Zhejiang Province,China).

The quotation is valid within 15 days, we reserve the right to modify the prices if needed.

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Special Design for
 Mobility Scooter  CT-020 for Casablanca Manufacturer detail pictures

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    This is a how-to video guide for installing new batteries in a Pride Jazzy Select Elite Mobility Scooter Chair. Does your mobility wheelchair need new batteries or did you buy new electric wheelchair batteries and need to know how to install them? This is the video for you. Notes and dialogue added below.

    “Hi my name is Richard price from high-Tech Battery, today we’re going to be working on a Pride Jazzy Select 6 mobility chair that a customer brought in to us to check the batteries but they need to be replaced. So the first thing that you need to do with the Jazzy is you’re going to have to remove the seat, in order to do that there is two connections. The first is going to go into the scooter and the next is this single lever here. Where when you pull it back it will release the actual seat itself. Make sure you unplug this portion first before removing the lever and pushing the seat upward. So after you’ve done that you’re going to get to the actual base of the scooter itself. All you have to do here is pull up and away the actual cover and that will expose both of the batteries here. And as you can see your open terminals are all open to view here so you can see how everything is nice and tight. And were going to go ahead and check them. Okay so the first thing that the customer has requested that we do is test the batteries themselves to see if they are bad. Now according to him he had just purchased the chair so it has been sitting for an indefinite amount of time. So the first thing we will do is check the voltage. To do that you will have to expose the positive and negative terminal of both batteries by removing these plastic pieces and moving them down the wire here. Once we do that we will use our volt meter and set the setting to 20 DC and we’ll just touch positive to positive and negative to negative on the same battery. This battery is coming in at 0.13 volts. So the first thing we’re going to do here is loosen up and remove these wires, everything on this particular Jazzy Select 6 model here is going to be 10mm we’ve already gone ahead here with a ratchet and a wrench here and we’ve gone through and loosened all the connections prior to this. So we’re just going to remove the wires here, now i personally like to remove the positive wires of both batteries here to eliminate the possibility of shorting out while you are installing new batteries so we’ll do the first set here first. Make sure you do keep the hardware here because you will end up reusing it. Okay and then the wires from the second set here. Okay so now you can pull these away as you can see theres only two sets of wires here clearly identified so you can’t mix them up, we’re going to pull our batteries out. Alright we already have the replacement set sitting here waiting so we’re going to put those in. Okay now we’re going to hook them back up so as you can see this is pretty simple the positive is red and the black is black so we’re going to go ahead and hook the positive up first just the way it came off. We’re just going to make them hand tight Okay so positive there and we’re going to hook up the second positive here. I like to hook up the positives first to eliminate any possibility of shorting on the frame I just think its a good idea whenever you’re dealing with two sets of wires. One last negative. OKay and just double check to make sure everything is good and its positive to positive and negative to negative on wire one and then on wire two so we’ll take the wrenches here. So you don’t need to go crazy when you’re tightening them up but you don’t need to grind into the lead terminal. Put the caps back on there And we’ll move onto the negative, then the other side. Okay we’ve put the covers back on here. And when you’re done you can put the cover back on. Just like so and you have successfully replaced the batteries in your Jazzy scooter. So just replace the cover here. Okay we’ll snap it in the back and you’re all set!”

    Contact us if you have any questions about what you saw in our video segment here. We would be more than happy to help answer your questions about purchasing or installing wheelchair batteries or to determine which batteries you might need! You can find our full suite of electric wheelchair batteries at https://www.techbatterysolutions.com/Wheelchair-Batteries-s/213.htm?searching=Y&RefineBy_2835= as well as find batteries for a variety of other applications at our full site www.techbatterysolutions.com. Thank You for watching.

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