Trending Products Mobility Scooter with LED Light (ES-014) Export to Grenada

Trending Products 
 Mobility Scooter with LED Light (ES-014) Export to Grenada

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Trending Products Mobility Scooter with LED Light (ES-014) Export to Grenada Detail:


Electronic specification
Motor  different speed brushless motor 500W
Battery 48V20Ah sealed lead-acid battery  All battery with electric protection circuit
Dashboard  common meter
Controller 500WBrushless controller
Charge 110V-240V  50/60HZ
Charging time  8-10 hours
Lamp  LED
Performance & Main components
Max.speed 25km/h
Range 55km(distance by riders weight,terrain,road sufurface etc.)
Max load 120KGS
Tyres Front : 14*2.5 ,   Rear :8-3.00 (tubeless)
Product colour white ,orange
Front brake drum brake
Front fork  hydraulic pressure
Rear brake Expanding brake
Brake lever cut-off when braking
Climbing ability 15degree
Throttle Twist intelligent speed control
Unit packaging Each in a carton Box
N.W/G.W 110kgs/120kgs(48V20AH)
Qty / Export carton 1   pc /ctn
Export carton dimension 140*77*73CM
1×20′footer FCL quantity 30pcs
1×40′footer FCL quantity 66pcs
1X40′HQ 66pcs
Optional Parts
Remote Alarm +USD5.5
 Helmet +USD6.5
Tool Kits +USD2

The price above are based on FOB Ningbo(Zhejiang Province,China).

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Trending Products 
 Mobility Scooter with LED Light (ES-014) Export to Grenada detail pictures

Trending Products 
 Mobility Scooter with LED Light (ES-014) Export to Grenada detail pictures

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